The Valencian Employers’ Federation of the Metal Sector (FEMEVAL) was created over 35 years ago, to put forward ideas and defend the interests of groups and individuals belonging to companies associated with the metal sector in Valencia. 


Metal is the leading productive sector in the region of Valencia employing over 200.000 people and representing the 12.9% of the GDP. FEMEVAL is made up of over 3.700 companies related to the metal industry and metal trade and service sectors.

  • Metallurgy. Primary transformation of metals
  • Manufacturing and fabrication of metal products: metal fittings, lamps, metal furniture, jewellery and costume jewellery.
  • Manufacturing industry of machinery and capital goods
  • Electrical and electronic industry
  • ICT industries
  • Manufacturing and fabrication of equipment and instruments for medical-surgical and optical use, precision instruments, and equipment and instruments used in watch making
  • Manufacturing motor vehicles and their components, trailers and other transport material
  • Installations using metal: metallic structures, air conditioning, electrical installations, lifts, plumbing, gas, locksmiths, metallic carpentry and fire fighting equipment
  • Vehicles and spare parts. Repairers and Dealers
  • Iron and steel warehouses. Wholesale trade of iron, aluminium, electrical material, sanitary ware, machinery and industrial suppliers
  • Metal retail trade: hardware stores, electrical household appliances and computing

FEMEVAL is a member of the Valencian Employers’ Confederation (CEV-CIERVAL), and the Spanish Confederation of Metal Employers’ Organisations (CONFEMETAL). It is also part of The Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organisations (CEOE). FEMEVAL representatives form part of the management bodies of the aforementioned organizations, representing and defending the interests of business belonging to the metal sector in Valencia.

FEMEVAL is an organization that follows key strategic lines of action in an aim to:

  • Line of action 1: Develop the role of defending and representing the interests of associated companies.
  • Line of action 2: Increase the effectiveness of communication to the different stakeholders, to obtain an influential presence in society.
  • Line of action 3: Guarantee the constant adaptation of the Federation’s actions and services to the needs of its members.
  • Line of action 4: Have a human team and several collaborators at its disposal, who are committed to the organization and feel proud of belonging to or being associated with FEMEVAL.
  • Line of action 5: Promote the excellence of the organisation to stakeholders based on the organisation’s ethical principles and good management, integration, demands and focus on users.


Areas of Action: 

Members can benefit from premises with a surface area of over 4.000 m2 and the strategic alliances FEMEVAL maintains with technological institutes, universities, public administrations and other institutions and business organizations on a regional, national and international scale.

FEMEVAL offers a wide range of services and activities as regards:

  • Industrial Policy
  • Labour Relations and Human Resources
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Innovation, Cooperation and New Technologies.
  • Quality, Environment, Waste Management and Energy Savings
  • Industrial Safety and Prevention of Risks at Work.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Equal Opportunities


Contact Points:
Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 127 – 46022 – Valencia
Tel. +34 96 371 97 61 – Fax +34 96 371 97 13

To request information about the capabilities of FEMEVAL as project partner, please contact.


  Project Manager: 

Raquel Aliaga:




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